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The Interconnected Era

Equinix Blog

Cloud Makes Healthcare Orgs More Secure, Compliant, Competitive

What’s the State of the Cloud? Hybrid Cloud, Multicloud on the Rise

Optimizing Multicloud Interconnection at the Digital Edge

When Is a Connected Car Not a Car?

How to Segment Traffic Flows at the Network Edge

How to Master Enterprise Cloud Security

Analyst Groups Explain the Strategic Importance of Interconnection

The Interconnected Era: Section 1

The analyst community explains why interconnection-oriented architectures are critical to digital transformation.

451 Research - Interconnection 101: Key players and business models, as well as trends that could affect interconnection going forward.

Forrester Report - The Total Economic Impact of Equinix Interconnection Solutions: This study provides a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Equinix Interconnection Solutions on their organizations.

Understanding Interconnection-Oriented Architecture

Interconnection-Oriented Architecture shifts the fundamental delivery architecture of IT from siloed and centralized to distributed, internetworked and co-located. These four PDF blueprints outline the problems and solutions in each critical area.






Blog Series: The Interconnected Era

The Interconnected Era: Section 4

In this four-part blog series, Equinix's Tony Bishop explores the dynamic history of interconnection, shares some exciting news from Equinix and looks ahead at the next groundswell of innovation that will shape how we work and live. He looks at four eras: the computing era, the network era, the connected era and the interconnected era. 

Read the Blog Posts
Part 1: The Dream to "Network Humans Through Technology"
Part 3: Welcome to the Interconnected Era
Part 2: Connectivity-Driven Transformation Picks Up Pace
Part 4: Shaping the Interconnected Era