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VIDEO: Index Exchange takes customer Time Inc. on a helicopter and data center tour, highlighting how their partnership with Equinix delivers the headroom to grow the digital advertising ecosystem - now and into the future.


How Will You Survive Disruption in Media & Entertainment?

Nearly three quarters of c-level executives say the media industry is in for major to massive disruption.

Isolated, legacy infrastructure does not support the performance, security and connectivity demands required to succeed in today's digital-first business world. Only direct connections to critical media, cloud, network and other partners inside digital ecosystems enable the ability to reach the most screens in the most markets.

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Discovery turns to Equinix for IOA

Discovery turns to Equinix for IOA

As part of this deal the company will consolidate up to 80% of its current IT infrastructure. This includes its back-office support systems, applications and network connectivity. More importantly it will gain access to the Equinix Media Cloud Ecosystem for Entertainment (EMCEE).

AWS Direct Connect Service now Available in Equinix Los Angeles

AWS Direct Connect Service now Available in Equinix Los Angeles

With AWS Direct Connect, companies can connect their customer-owned and managed infrastructure directly to AWS, establishing a private connection to the cloud that can reduce costs, increase performance, and deliver a more consistent network experience. The Equinix Los Angeles location brings the total number of Equinix metros offering AWS Direct Connect service to twelve, globally, five of those are within North America. 

Equinix Introduces the Media Cloud Ecosystem for the Entertainment Industry

Equinix Introduces the Media Cloud Ecosystem for the Entertainment Industry

Today, more than 500 content and media companies such as Content Bridge, Movile, and Selevision use EMCEE to peer with the industry's largest concentration of CDNs, multiple system operators (MSOs) and social media platforms, enabling faster content development and distribution, as well as significant cost savings.



“More than ever, media and entertainment businesses need to efficiently manage content creation, storage and distribution utilizing high speed network infrastructure combined with cloud technologies. This ecosystem does so with unprecedented speed and ease of implementation.” 

MESA: ContentBridge Leverages Equinix as "Point of Orchestration"

MESA: ContentBridge Leverages Equinix as

Media and Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA), reports Equinix is helping ContentBridge shift its business model "away from managed and custom services to a self-serve software as a service (SaaS) offering for content owners."

ContentBridge Success Story

ContentBridge Success Story

ContentBridge soon recognized the opportunity to create the first truly cloud-based digital content distribution solution by leveraging platform and infrastructure providers such asMicrosoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Selevision Success Story

Selevision Success Story

“Our aim is to be the primary entertainment gateway for on-demand, from any device.”To work, it would require Selevision ‘pulling’ the content from multiple content providers and broadcasters and sending it to customers, on-demand.

Media Cloud Solutions

WATCH: Turn data overload into a competitive advantage.

Connecting the New Digital Media Ecosystem

Connecting the New Digital Media Ecosystem

Internet delivery and cloud hosting has transformed all aspects of content and media value chain, impacting how content is created, managed and delivered. Consumers now demand content on any device at any time, regardless of the network they are using.

Interconnection is a Business Enabler

WATCH: Forrester explains the benefits of Equinix interconnection solutions in this short video.

What Analysts are Saying About Interconnection

Gartner: Colocation-based Interconnection 

According to Gartner, “Digital business is enabled and enhanced through high-speed, secure, low-latency communication among enterprise assets, cloud resources, and an ecosystem of service providers and peers. Architects and IT Leaders must consider carrier-neutral data center interconnection to integrate as a digital business enabler.”

Frost & Sullivan: The Fog Rolls In - Network Architectures for IoT and Edge Computing

Frost & Sullivan explain the evolution of Fog Computing and examine the role of networks in the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as other computing use cases.