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Ad Fraud Uncovered

Ad fraud is costing advertisers billions of dollars a year, but industry experts are coming together to address the problem.

A Global Media Ecosystem

The media and entertainment industry is facing major disruption which is driving innovation across the value chain, from pre-production through distribution.  See how interconnection and colocation ecosystems are enabling change. 

The Future of Health IT

The pharmaceuticals and life sciences industry is under immense pressure to adapt operating business models from being "pill centric" to "patient-centric”, creating new value from the delivery of enhanced future patient engagement and further targeted therapies. 

The Interconnected Era

Four eras of technological transformation have forever altered modern life. One catalyst has been at the center this radical change: interconnection.

Cloud in Asia

Finding the best approach to delivering your cloud services is challenging enough at home. But overseas deployments confront different regulations, cultural intricacies and varying levels of infrastructure. Asia-Pacific is the fastest-growing region in the world. Business is booming, but to take advantage of the opportunity and stay relevant to the market, you have to be prepared. What is your strategy?

A Multi Cloud Future

Throughput and security are greatly improved as direct private cross-connections inside the data center are physically separated from the public Internet. Improved power, network redundancy, and on-premise security inside premium colocation facilities are typically far better than what's found in private corporate facilities. Finally, the presence of a wide variety of network, cloud and other service providers present inside colocation hubs also gives companies the ability to quickly adapt, add new services and leverage competition among providers to optimize cost structures.

Trading In Asia

The combined factors of deregulation and technological innovation are opening up Asian markets in new and exciting ways, drawing significant interest from the international community.

The Legal Industry and Flexible IT

Transformations are changing how firms are structured, how attorneys interact with clients, and even how work gets done.

The Converging Global Electronic Trading Ecosystem

Close proximity and shared infrastructure combine to offer a range of benefits, including reduced latencies, lower costs and greatly improved security. And the ability to connect directly to all the major cloud providers inside these hubs, bypassing the public Internet, is increasingly attractive as financial firms look to manage costs and opportunities associated with big data.

A Data Hub for Global Insurance

Innovation is driving opportunities in the global insurance industry. Tune in for the latest insights and trends.