Telnyx is bringing business the next evolution of voice communications

Communications today needs to be flexible, cost-efficient and above all else, reliable. We give you the products and APIs to ‘Be Your Own Carrier’ with our innovative Mission Control Portal.

Telnyx Mission Control, your portal to elastic communications control

We've engineered a revolutionary portal to simplify all your communications. Instantly set up billing, buy 10 digit & toll-free numbers, create SIP trunks, and manage services for a virtually an infinite number of VoIP clients.

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Simplify Billing

Pay for what you use and cut out the unnecessary fluff. We make it easy to keep track of everything, manage your sub-accounts and process real-time billing.

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A smarter API

Choose from modern developer toolkits to seamlessly integrate with your applications. You can even integrate with the global public switch telephone network for making and receiving calls in your application.

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Product Details

Mission Control: Take control of your communications

We started off with a mission to make communication services better. We gathered the best engineers and set off to build a better product, one that makes it simple to manage all your services in one place. From setting up billing, to buying bulk numbers and seamlessly integrating with our API – Mission Control makes it easy.

Mission Control Portal And API

The easiest way to Integrate, manage, and analyze all of your voice needs:

  • Start by authenticating your account and adding connections with unique SIP authentication to enable Multi-Tenancy Control
  • Purchase numbers for inbound calling, building SIP trunks to empower outbound calling, and assigning connections to calling profiles for On-Demand scalability
  • Enable a la carte feature sets like CNAM,e911 and channel billing to suit your customer's unique requirements
  • Gather granular Real-Time Analytics on communication connections and spend or download filterable Usage Reports and Call Detail Records (CDRs)

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Enable Inbound Voice Origination

When you need to expand or purchase numbers for an ever-growing client list, you’ll find the reliability and reach you need:

  • Instantly add new 10-digit and toll-free numbers to your account and scale up to unlimited channels, or port in your existing phone numbers seamlessly
  • Intelligently route inbound calls using the most reliable and highest quality call paths in over 10,000 rate centers and enable failover with secondary and tertiary IPs
  • Enable additional services to your phone systems like CNAM and e911 to add greater personalization, routing control, and calling protection

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Scale Up With Outbound Voice Termination

Experience crystal clear calling anywhere in the world:

  • Scale up with an Unlimited Concurrent Calling to international destinations with no limitations or restrictions.
  • Rely on Telnyx’s World-Class PSTN Interconnects and our ability to dynamically analyze routes to ensure the highest quality termination paths
  • Configure your own Fraud Protections and usage Limits with notifications, destination restrictions, and maximum rate thresholds

Tap Into Our Global Network

The Telnyx Network

Achieve Global reach with infrastructure deployed around the globe to ensure the lowest latency:

  • Telnyx’s architecture is deployed in multiple regions around the world. SIP registration will automatically anchor your media to the closest region to you geographically and ensure the lowest latency and highest quality
  • If your nearest region cannot be reached, the next nearest region can take over to ensure continued access to the service and automated Disaster Recovery
  • Our Private Backbone between regions ensures high levels of Security and further improves communication quality through reducing hops that calls typically take on the public Internet

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Make the Switch

Six reasons to choose Telnyx for Business-Class VoIP Services and SIP Trunks:

Eliminate unnecessary expenses

You only pay for the services you use, unlike traditional carrier plans. Our Mission Control portal makes it simple to manage all your services, adjust them when needed and analyze your spending.

An efficient way to scale business

Telnyx quickly provides access to Origination, Termination, and a private communications backbone to keep you connected. We are a service that grows with your business. And if you need larger solutions, our 24/7 support team can help you make it happen.

Real world dynamic capacity

Resources never have to go underutilized with Telnyx. You can adjust your services to fit with changing needs and automate detailed data reports to analyze usage.

Flexible and fast communications

Our API is designed to easily fit with current systems and you'll be able to make changes from your desktop portal whenever you need.

Outsource the infrastructure

In-house management of communications is unnecessary and costly. With Telnyx, we maintain the communications network and make sure everything works properly.

Around the world in seconds

A major advantage to our communications services is that you'll have the security of knowing our architecture is deployed all over worldSIP registration will automatically anchor your media to the closest region. SIP registration will automatically anchor your media to the closest region.

Developer Friendly APIs

APIs designed for Seamless integration across multiple platforms:

  • Telnyx offers a platform for real-time voice communication over the Internet. It consists of different software development kits that you can use to integrate with your phone or web application. In addition to communication between phones or web applications, the Telnyx API and SDKs also integrate with the public switched telephone network (PSTN) for making and receiving phone calls.
  • When using the Telnyx API, the Telnyx platform can be used as a telco switch. It makes outgoing phone calls and receives incoming phone calls.
  • The Telnyx platform is available via RESTful API. SDKs are currently being developed for iOS, Android and Javascript (WebRTC).

Start Building

In the past, you had to rely on expensive carriers for VoIP services or face dealing with unreliable voice providers. Telnyx is here to change that. We give you the products and APIs to ‘Be Your Own Carrier’ with a large roadmap of features, on-boarding tools, and 24x7 live customer support. We bring competitive pricing that doesn’t sacrifice quality for cost with your Enterprise–Grade SIP Trunking.
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