Every executive in a modern enterprise needs unprecedented access to real-time operational information for running the business. But the IT group charged with delivering that information has no unified information source of their own. In a classic “cobbler’s children” scenario, enterprise IT professionals are forced to pull information together from disparate sources, implement manual processes to connect disconnected applications, and embark on lengthy, complex application development projects – all while struggling to reduce cost. With ServiceNow, IT can:

Build a Single System of Record for IT

  • Create a single source of truth to allow processes across IT to execute with uniform information
  • Reduce cost by consolidating legacy systems to one source of truth that all of IT uses to consult, interact, and report

Automate IT Service Applications and Processes

  • Simplify and consolidate redundant systems, automate manual tasks and deliver a consumerized service experience to the enterprise

Create Custom Applications Across the Enterprise

  • Highly configurable, approachable and extensible cloud platform enables non-technical developers to repurpose existing applications or build new applications to automate service relationships

Reduce Infrastructure Maintenance Requirements

  • Utilize the secure, scalable and robust service automation platform, managed entirely through a web browser – no on-premise hardware or separate administration client software required

Increase Efficiency of Common IT Processes

  • Lights-out, zero-touch automation is built into ServiceNow products to increase efficiency across a wide range of IT disciplines, including cloud and virtualization lifecycle management, change orchestration, infrastructure discovery and IT governance

Report on Performance and Costs

  • Report across any application – including custom applications – built on the ServiceNow Service Automation Platform as well as access to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), benchmarking and executive dashboards


Customer Interview: Equinix Globalizing IT and the Power of a CIO Dashboard

Customer Interview: Equinix Globalizing IT and the Power of a CIO Dashboard

As theCube was extracting signal from the noise at the recently concluded ServiceNow Knowledge 13 event, we got a chance to chat with Brian Lillie, CIO of Equinix. Lillie is a great fan of ServiceNow, and it shows.    READ MORE +
CIO Discussion:  Keeping The Lights On,  When It Matters

CIO Discussion: Keeping The Lights On, When It Matters

ServiceNow brought together nine enterprise CIOs and IT leaders to discuss how to successfully execute IT strategy in today's world. In the roundtable discussion, they shared their experiences and pooled thoughts on modern best practices for delivering IT services. This white paper captures the discussion and describes their approach to...   READ MORE +
Case Study: Consolidation at Equinix Evolves into Innovation with the ServiceNow Platform

Case Study: Consolidation at Equinix Evolves into Innovation with the ServiceNow Platform

What started as a standard IT tool-consolidation effort at Equinix has evolved into the creation of innovative applications and has transformed the way IT supports the business. Two-and-a-half years after go-live, more than 400 Equinix users work in ServiceNow under the guidance of Eric Fisch. Now, IT plays a crucial...   READ MORE +


ServiceNow Transforms HR Service Delivery

ServiceNow Transforms HR Service Delivery

Envision Healthcare, a leading provider of physician-led, outsourced medical services, has implemented ServiceNow software-as-a-service for its Human Resources (HR) organization.    READ MORE +

ServiceNow is the enterprise IT cloud company. We transform IT by automating and managing IT service relationships across the global enterprise. Organizations deploy our service to create a single system of record for IT and automate manual tasks, standardize processes and consolidate legacy systems. Using our extensible platform, our customers create custom applications and evolve the IT service model to service domains inside and outside the enterprise. ServiceNow transforms IT from the department of no to the department of now.
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