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NexGen Networks understands the need for modern organizations to connect and communicate between multiple business locations at high rates of speed. We believe that a properly implemented and managed network is a crucial foundation for the future of any business. That is why we have worked tirelessly and systematically for over ten years to build high-speed, high-capacity connections to centers of commerce around the world. 

Ethernet METRO

Use our Ethernet Metro product in your local Metro Environment to deliver a Point to Point application that enables you to seamlessly extend your Ethernet network beyond the local area.

Ethernet WAN

A natural network solution that extends your corporate LAN over the wide area, combining the reliability and ubiquity of Ethernet with the next generation wide area transport technology.

Ethernet DIA

A scalable solution that leverages familiar technology to expand seamlessly to meet your company's growing bandwidth requirements.


Uses today’s Ethernet technologies to provide you with seamless layer 2 connectivity to many locations either in an any-to-any or one-to-many topology.

Point to Point SONET

Support of traditional SONET-based services is also available. We provide traditional services to meet the demands of our clients and their application needs.


This service is built for customers requiring very low latency connections for their High Frequency Trading applications. This is an EXTREMELY low latency service that is engineered using a layer 1 low latency dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) technology

Certified UTC TaaS

NexGen's Time as a Service (TaaS) is developed with a certified UTC traceable precise time clock source from The National Physical Laboratory, NPLTime® who also manage the UK’s timescale and is also home to one of the worlds most accurate atomic clocks.

Dark Fiber Solutions

Dark Fiber Solutions are available as a physically secure fiber service with dedicated fiber strands providing you with maximum bandwidth with cost-effective scaling. This service is tailor made for customers that require very high bandwidth and Complete control over network design, optronics and protocols 

Fiber Construction

NexGen Networks can design, construct and build a complete fiber optic solutions for your needs.

Financial Extranet

Our extranet services offer the ideal combination of speed, uptime, and unparalleled access to market data providers and financial decision makers so that you can stay at the forefront of emerging trends. Whether you are facilitating or executing transactions; uncovering opportunities in emerging or established markets; or looking for revolutionary financial applications, NexGen's Financial Extranet is an edge solution that refines and streamlines the way you conduct business.


Our Colocation Services program provides you with the ability to match your data center requirements precisely with your evolving business needs. We deliver data center options globally that are customized and can be modified as your business continues to evolve.

Network Outsourcing

NexGen Outsourcing Group (NGO) is a division of NexGen Networks Corporation with multiple locations around the globe employing consultants worldwide.


Importance of Carrier Diversity Amidst Industry Consolidation

Importance of Carrier Diversity Amidst Industry Consolidation

NexGen Networks Highlights Importance of Carrier Diversity Amidst Accelerating Telecommunications Industry Consolidation NexGen offers an alternative as redundancy and carrier diversity planning is disrupted by a surge of mergers and acquisitions in the telecommunications industry   READ MORE +


NPL partners with NexGen Networks to expand NPLTime® precise timing service across Europe

NPL partners with NexGen Networks to expand NPLTime® precise timing service across Europe

NPL is expanding its precise timing service, NPLTime®, across Europe through a strategic global partnership with NexGen Networks, the premier provider of tailored, high-capacity communications services to the financial industry.   READ MORE +
NexGen Networks Expands into Equinix Datacenter in Toronto

NexGen Networks Expands into Equinix Datacenter in Toronto

State-of-the-art facility to create new opportunities for NexGen clients in the region   READ MORE +


Time and Money Workshop @ NYSE

Time and Money Workshop @ NYSE

NexGen Networks Event Sponsor & Exhibitor Time Sync Requirements in Financial Markets - a robust discussion over the latest technology alternatives for delivering accurate time, potential regulatory changes on the horizon, and what this all means for the financial industry’s future.   READ MORE +
NexGen Networks @ FIA EXPO 2017

NexGen Networks @ FIA EXPO 2017

NexGen Networks @ - FIA EXPO 2017 Oct 17-19 in Chicago, IL at the Hilton, Chicago IL. FIA EXPO   READ MORE +
MiFID 2017 Summit in London, UK at Gibson Hall

MiFID 2017 Summit in London, UK at Gibson Hall

Meet NexGen Networks at the MiFID 2017 event @ Gibson Hall   READ MORE +

NexGen Networks was founded in 2002 on the principal of providing mission critical business services to enterprise and carrier customers. NexGen Networks is Tier 1 facilities based Network Service Provider. With a proven commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction, NexGen continues to be the number one choice for all of your networking needs. Contact the NexGen sales team for a custom network solution specific to your business needs.
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