ClearSky Data

ClearSky Data’s global storage network provides enterprises with a new way to consume and manage storage throughout the data lifecycle, from primary to backup to disaster recovery. Using ClearSky, our customers gain on-demand access to unlimited storage without sacrificing any of the performance, availability and security they expect for enterprise applications.

ClearSky is designed for a broad range of workloads and use cases, including structured and unstructured data, databases, log files, and big data. Customers can run application workloads in their data centers, colocation facilities or public clouds. From the most demanding workloads to the coldest data archives, ClearSky efficiently and cost-effectively handles the entire range of enterprise storage requirements.

Here are some real-life use cases from our early customers:

ClearSky's global storage network manages the entire data lifecycle, combining the performance and availability of local enterprise storage with the scalability and economics of the cloud.
Melissa Cohen
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