Bonding Your VPN to the Cloud with AT&T NetBond℠

As the demand for high-performance and agile networks grows, businesses are being driven to cloud-based technologies and services to boost speed, increase flexibility and enhance overall network performance. Unfortunately, the public Internet poses numerous daunting challenges for IT managers, especially when it comes to security and performance.

That’s where AT&T NetBond comes in.

AT&T NetBond empowers today’s businesses by combining all the benefits of a private network with cloud flexibility. The result is lower latency, increased availability, and remarkable scalability. Now you can get unprecedented enterprise levels of network security, performance and flexibility via a powerful cloud networking solution.

Benefits and highlights*

  • Dynamic, automated network management and resource allocation, including on-demand scaling and provisioning
  • Savings up to as much as 60% on networking
  • Up to 50% lower latency and 3x availability on their network
  • Any-to-any connectivity with built in AT&T NetBond redundancy

* Source: AT&T

AT&T and Equinix. The benefits of a private network, the flexibility of cloud

AT&T and Equinix are working together to embed AT&T NetBond into select Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers. This alliance offers enterprise customers with fast and highly secure direct connections to leading cloud solution providers (including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure), in addition to eliminating many of the reliability, security and latency issues traditionally associated with the public Internet.

Regardless of whether your driving force is performance, cost effectiveness or security, it is time to leverage the security and performance of AT&T NetBond. AT&T NetBond is your AT&T MPLS VP and cloud service provider interconnection platform insider Equinix.

Isn’t it time you unlock the true power, agility, and potential of the cloud?

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