Layer 7 Consulting

Layer 7 Consulting is an IT managed services company that provides a total IT solution for your business. Whether your organization is looking for a professional IT staff or looking to save costs, Layer 7 Consulting is the right solution for your business. We believe there is no such thing as a one size fits all IT solution, so we customize our solutions based upon the clients needs. We optimize your IT infrastructure, creating an efficient and productive work environment, that is not only dependable, but is catered to the needs of the business. For our customers, we like to do an onsite support day at least once per week, which allows for face to face interaction and building lasting relationships. 

Layer 7 Consulting currently has offices in Chicago, New Jersey and New York City. Our professional staff is on call 24 hours per day for any IT emergencies that may arise. Our business philosophy is to partner up with our clients, creating a trustworthy relationship and a recipe for success. We have an outstanding track record with our clients and have many references we can supply to discuss their positive experiences with Layer 7 Consulting. We are not in the business of selling our customers IT solutions they do not need. We are a service based company, meaning we provide services and not out to upsell everything.

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