AlgoSpan is a specialist low latency market access infrastructure provider. Our services are developed, managed and optimised by trading technology experts that are obsessive about speed. We combine our "shortest path" philosophy with the next generation in market data technology, to deliver services unparalleled for speed and reliability. 

AlgoNet services are designed to target delays created by the distance between trading systems and the exchange. Our high performance proprietary trading infrastructure includes bespoke "shortest path" fibre interconnectivity, at-exchange / proximity
hosting and direct market access, using the most direct paths focused on latency.

AlgoData multicast normalised and raw exchange data is cited by customers as the lowest latency data service on the market. Data is captured directly from the exchange and disseminated to the customer using our own infrastructure and handler technology - hosted within each trading venue data centre to seamlessly deliver data to the customerís desired location(s).

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Aquis Exchange Selects AlgoSpan to Supply Market Data

Aquis Exchange Selects AlgoSpan to Supply Market Data

AlgoSpan, the specialist market access infrastructure provider, has announced that Aquis Exchange, the proposed pan-European equities trading exchange*, has selected AlgoData™ market data services to supply it with low latency real-time reference prices from European exchanges.   READ MORE +

WHAT IS IT? ‘Shortest path’ lowest latency trading infrastructure and fully distributed market data services for major equity and derivative exchanges. WHO IS IT FOR? Investment banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading groups that operate low latency / high performance trading strategies and rely on fast market access to execute trades profitably. WHY ALGOSPAN? Because our services are pioneered by a dedicated team of trading technology experts, committed to providing the most competitive solutions available on the market.
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