We build software and provide services for data-centric enterprises.

We were founded in 1998 and immediately started a joint technology development effort with an insurance company building an application that could provide their marketing and sales staff a single, consolidated view of their 35 million customers and prospects from over 5000 affiliates. The data came in different shapes and sizes, contained misinformation, and overlap between affiliates. We quickly determined we needed technology to create a contextual view of households and customers that spanned all data and could make smart decisions in lieu of data errors. Two years later our first product, the Customer Context Server (CCS), was in production.

Our unique technological approach underpinning the CCS garnered attention from analysts and businesses worldwide. As we moved forward, working with larger and more complex enterprises, we improved and extended the original CCS technology to meet the needs of some of the world's largest enterprises. We ended up with some very useful, novel, and battle-hardened technologies, such as our MIOdb® database.

We believe we not only have unique technologies, but have a novel way of delivering them through tightly unified products designed to take away the architectural and complexity burdens associated with creating transactional and analytical applications at the enterprise level.

We're excited to offer our MIOsoft MIOedge® cloud platform, with our over 15 years of research, development, deployment, and operational experiences behind it. It has quickly become a leader in enterprise application platforms and offers a very refreshing approach to application development.

We also use our platform to build applications and provide services ourselves, such as Realinfo®QA, an application service delivering health care quality feedback and analytics to over 100 hospitals over the web.

Founded in 1998, MIOsoft Corporation is a Madison, Wisconsin, United States based software company specializing in distributed and parallel data systems, data processing tools, and data services. In addition to our Wisconsin-based development headquarters, MIOsoft has support and consultant locations worldwide.