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Eze Castle Integration

When it comes to hedge fund technology and private cloud services, Eze Castle Integration is the worldwide leader and de factor financial cloud platform provider.  

Over the course of our 21-year history, Eze Castle Integration has helped launch over 1,000 new hedge fund and investment firms and assisted countless more with their existing technology platforms and service projects. Our team is comprised of the best and brightest engineers and client service members the industry has to offer. In fact, many of our technology experts go on to work for our hedge fund clients -- a sure sign that we employ and train the best there is.

More than 650 hedge funds and investment firms rely on Eze Castle each day to meet their infrastructure, communications and business protection needs. And we have offices around the globe -- meaning wherever your firm's offices are located, we can support your operations.

If we haven't convinced you yet, take a look at the industry awards we racked up in 2017 already! We continue to receive praise and recognition for our company culture, outsourced IT services and, of course, our Eze Private Cloud, including the followings recent awards:

  • Best Cloud Infrastructure Provider: Waters Technology 2016
  • Best Cloud Service Provider: Hedgeweek Awards 2017
  • Most Strategic IT/Cloud Provider: AI International Awards 2017
  • Best IT Consultancy: HFM US Technology Awards 2017


Where Do CTOs and CFOs Agree and Disagree on Outsourcing?

On occasion, hedge fund C-level execs don’t see eye to eye. It’s inevitable. One such topic of occasional discord is outsourced IT. Chief technology officers (CTOs), for example, are immersed in every level of technology, from applications to security to disaster recovery, and they have a vested interest in concerns from user experience to business continuity and beyond.
Meanwhile, chief financial officers (CFOs) must focus on the bottom line, factoring in the cost-benefit of new technologies and projects. Elsewhere in the C-suite, the chief operating officer (COO) is looking at opportunity costs and asking key questions including if the CTO is managing day-to-day IT “plumbing,” which strategic projects are getting pushed aside?
Following is an excerpt from a whitepaper we recently published looking at various C-level perspectives on IT outsourcing – including where certain executives may differ on its value, where those same executives can agree, and ultimately why outsourcing IT and using the cloud sets alternative investment firms up for success.

Five Myths about Voice over IP (VoIP): Financial Firms Take Notice

Voice over IP has come a long way especially in the business world, but many financial services firms still have hesitations about making the switch. Check out these five common myths about Voice over IP.

IT Security Dos & Don’ts from Eze Castle Integration

At Eze Castle Integration (www.eci.com) we spend a lot of time educating our clients about security best practices and encouraging them to implement comprehensive security policies and procedures to mitigate risk and protect both the firm and its employees. This video outlines top IT security dos and don'ts.

Three Hedge Fund Technology Priorities Firms Can’t Ignore

From a hedge fund technology standpoint, we’ve identified three top priorities for firms looking to find startup success.

A Guide to Technology Outsourcing for Hedge Funds

With today's rapidly evolving landscape, outsourced technology solutions have become an important competitive differentiator for hedge fund managers. Selecting the right outsourcing partner is critical to addressing investors' growing desire for secure, robust and reliable infrastructure.

Cloud Computing in the Hedge Fund Industry

Today’s investment firms are grappling with a host of new challenges, and technology decisions are coming to the forefront of the conversation. Cloud computing continues to play a key role for both new startup firms as well as established funds. In fact, more than eight out of 10 investment management firms contacted during a recent market study indicated they were either currently using or planning to use some form of cloud services in the near future.

Establishing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

Our guidebook helps hedge funds create plans that can minimize financial loss and the negative effects of downtime by reacting swiftly and methodically when confronted with unexpected business disruptions. Eze Castle Integration, in conjunction with Pershing Prime Services, developed "Establishing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans: A Hedge Fund Manager’s Guide" to help you create effective plans that can minimize financial loss and the negative effects of downtime on your firm’s strategic plans, marketing position, operations and reputation.

Cloud Usage Trends in the Investment Industry

Have you been wondering how your investment firm peers are utilizing cloud services? Are they happy with their current cloud deployments? What led them to go down the cloud computing path?

We recently conducted a survey to answer these questions and more. Our September 2013 survey report details the responses of 101 senior-level executives at hedge funds and investment firms across the U.S. in regards to their cloud computing usage.

Global Technology Benchmark Study (2013)

Our 2013 study, Global Technology & Operations: A Hedge Fund Benchmark Study, is an impression of the investment management industry and the vendors, systems and solutions firms are using today to support their day-to-day operations. We surveyed more than 500 buy-side firms across the United States, United Kingdom and for the first time, Asia, to gather information on the front, middle and back office systems they use to support their growing businesses.

White Paper: A Manager’s Guide to Establishing a Hedge Fund

Owning and operating a successful hedge fund can be both personally and financially rewarding. However, launching a hedge fund can be a challenging and sometimes overwhelming experience. How should you structure your business? What service providers do you need? What do you need to do first?

White Paper: Critical Cybersecurity Threats & How to Prepare in 2014

With high-profile security breaches and vulnerabilities (think Heartbleed bug) making headlines, the SEC chimed in recently and held a roundtable to focus on its cybersecurity expectations for registered firms.

White Paper: Why the Billion Dollar Club is Headed to the Cloud

There's more competition in financial services than ever before and it's critical for firms to deploy and maintain robust, scalable, and secure technology infrastructures to meet growing investor and regulatory demands.