We are leaders in the Microsoft technology stack, specialising in Microsoft Azure, with an ability to maximise your investment in Microsoft technology whilst supporting your vision to adopt cloud. We don’t see ourselves as a traditional technology company, but rather as trusted business advisors. We believe that technology needs to align with business vision. We aim to be the partner that always goes that extra mile.

We are a company committed to delivering the best possible solutions to problems, helping customers to define and realise their business vision. We work together with customers and partners in the pursuit of excellence, in the sheer belief that success can only be achieved by working together. By working together, you can focus on your business whilst we focus on the technology that helps run it.

We set out to become the UK’s leading experts in Microsoft Azure, providing our customers with the skills, knowledge and experience they require in order to maximise their benefits from the Microsoft technology stack. Our customers see us as the “go-to experts” when it comes to Microsoft technology, and time and again we prove to them that our knowledge, skills and experience are second to none.


Webinar - How to deploy Microsoft ExpressRoute

Webinar - How to deploy Microsoft ExpressRoute

Join Equinix and CoreAzure, to find out some practical advice and technology updates on the key ways of creating a hybrid cloud solution for your organisation. The technology we will cover includes Microsoft ExpressRoute, how it works, how it is deployed and the myriad of advantages it can deliver.   READ MORE +

We specialise in Microsoft Azure with an ability to maximise your existing investment in Microsoft technologies whilst realising your vision to adopt cloud.