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Citrix delivers flexibility and control to transform work and keep business moving forward

Today’s organizations are pushing the limits of what’s possible, and IT is in a unique position to help do it. Ensure your people have the ability to work from anywhere, secure your apps and data, and prepare your organization to adopt new technology with Citrix. When you’re ready to accelerate opportunity, we’ll deliver the solutions, flexibility and control to securely manage it all.

NetScaler SD-WAN

The NetScaler SD-WAN solution provides optimal application performance across any type of network connection. By combining software-defined WAN intelligence with Routing, WAN Optimization and deep visibility into application delivery performance, NetScaler SD-WAN delivers a reliable, secure, and high quality application experience for enterprise, cloud and SaaS applications.

NetScaler SD-WAN, in integration with Equinix Performance Hub™ and the Equinix Cloud Exchange™ (ECX), creates connections directly from branch offices to Equinix locations around the world. This combination provides low latency and cost efficient connections to cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud and Azure as well as optimized connections to SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365 and salesforce.com. Using NetScaler SD-WAN with ECX, enterprises can also enable cloud failover and business continuity solutions and quickly spin up additional cloud compute and data analytics resources when workload spikes occur.

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NetScaler SD-WAN

NetScaler ADC

NetScaler ADC offers server-side optimization to improve the delivery of applications wherever they reside. Deployment options include virtualized and containerized instances that support a full range of Layer 4-7 application services that include load balancing, content switching, monitoring, SSL termination, DDoS protection, authentication, compression and caching.

Together these capabilities ensure the responsiveness and performance of servers that impacts users’ overall application experience.

View the NetScaler ADC platform options:

Learn more about NetScaler ADC:


Citrix and Equinix Working Together to Support Hybrid Cloud Architecture

The combination of NetScaler SD-WAN and Equinix enables companies to support a variety of application delivery strategies, and allows them to select technologies based on what works best for their business, now and in the future.


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An integrated solution, powered by Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN and Equinix Performance Hub™ with the Equinix Cloud Exchange™ (ECX), providing enterprises a network solution that is easy to manage, scalable and reliable.

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