Backbone Solutions AG was established in 1998 and offers professional, high-quality solutions for Infrastructure as a Service (SecureRack), VoIP telephony (sipcall) and connectivity. 

Over 40,000 national and international customers have already opted for a solution by Backbone Solutions AG. This includes many well-known companies such as Lufthansa, Hotel Crown Plaza, McDonalds, SRG SSR and SBB, the Swiss federal railway company. 

Backbone Solutions AG operates its own, comprehensive IT infrastructure in high-security computer centres in Switzerland. Top security, maximum data protection and best quality are guaranteed.

SecureRack: Innovative IaaS products for the highest demands

SecureRack was developed as a professional infrastructure-as-a-service product for companies with high requirements regarding quality, performance and security. Backbone Solutions AG offers suitable IT infrastructure solutions for all needs by providing its SecureRack products, including vDatacenter, Dedicated VMware Server and Dedicated VMware Backup.

Backbone Solutions AG is a competent Swiss IT infrastructure and VoIP provider who offers professional solutions for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), VoIP telephony and connectivity.