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Avelacom was founded in 2001. Since then, the company has challenged itself to be relentlessly innovative and to empower its customers at every opportunity. This is achieved through a unique blend of cross-sector experience, a design-focused approach and pure authenticity in how the company delivers business value.

From world-first network routes, to a passionate drive to improve how people perceive the telecommunications industry, Avelacom has a long-standing reputation for breaking new ground, daring to think differently and unleashing new opportunities for growth impressively quickly.

The company carefully applies the knowledge it has learned across finance, telecommunications, IT services and enterprises to every single solution, network route, service and support interaction a customer receives.


Avelacom chooses AT TOKYO

Avelacom's new point of presence (PoP) in AT TOKYO helps to improve London – Tokyo low latency connectivity offerings

Avelacom creates London to Istanbul route with 40.66ms roundtrip latency

Avelacom has launched a low-latency route connecting Interxion’s London data centre to a new point of presence (PoP) at Borsa Istanbul (BIST).

Avelacom expands its pan-European 100G fiber network to support demand for low latency data flow

Avelacom launches new London to Moscow low latency route enabling to speed up trading and react to fast changing markets

Avelacom entered into a partnership with Dubai Gold & Commodity Exchange (DGCX)

Avelacom is bringing its low latency connectivity and infrastructure solutions to Dubai. DGCX members can gain faster acess to international markets and benefit from DGCX market data ultra low latency delivery.

Avelacom has launched a new point of presence in DataSpace data center

The new PoP will give clients faster access to Russia’s securities and FX markets

Avelacom expands its co-location footprint by setting up in Singapore Exchange’s (SGX)

The fastest fibre routes with the lowest round-trip delay latency have been launched across APAC and beyond as an outcome from the new partnership between Avelacom and SGX