Why Storage as a Service Makes Sense in a Multi-Cloud Environment

Why Storage as a Service Makes Sense in a Multi-Cloud Environment

Businesses today are generating more data than ever before. With technological advances like the Internet of Things (IoT), Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and many other endpoint devices from enterprises, consumers, there is so much data being captured.

The world will generate 175ZB of data a year by 2025. Enterprise data alone is projected to grow at an annual growth rate of 42.2 percent as the new reality of self-driving cars, smart factories, and automated disease diagnostics advances.

To manage all the different ways data is being generated and stored, companies are moving their data infrastructure to a multicloud environment. Deploying Storage as a Service will be central to a multicloud model that will bring better control over how they store, activate, manage, and monetize the surge in data.

Companies that are identifying ways to mine and analyze their data are at an advantage to discover new business opportunities and potential revenue. It is now a necessity that businesses must know how to manage troves of data in a multicloud environment. Storage as a Service is integral to the data management equation. As organizations combine public and private cloud services, they move the data between multiple cloud platforms from time to time. In such a dynamic environment, they need the flexibility to scale up and scale down their storage and to do so in regular intervals. The ideal StaaS would offer a zero-commitment risk-free model that enables enterprises to pay for only the storage they use on a subscription basis.

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