White Paper: The Mid-Market Conundrum

How to achieve 'best-in-class' IT application delivery with limited resources

Mid-market organisations live or die by the quality of the applications that drive their business operations; from sales generation through supply chain management to post-sales services. Similar IT complexity to that in large enterprises has to be managed to support these, but with more limited resources.

Somehow, the aspiring ‘mid-market CIO’ needs to achieve peace of mind, confident that these applications are consistently delivering the desired business outcomes.

Most acknowledge that they cannot achieve best-in-class application performance, availability and security, at an affordable cost, based purely on their own resources. To deliver a given application effectively requires the help of an IT service provider (ITSP). The conundrum is finding the right partner with both an applications focus and flexible access to the necessary resources to adapt as workload and technology change. The research presented in this report shows the extent to which UK-based mid-market IT leaders recognize these problems and how effectively they are working with ITSPs to deliver improved services to their business.

Overview: The Mid-Market Conundrum  04-05
Introduction 06-07
Why it is Business-Critical For the Mid-Market 08-11
Overcoming Resource Limitations 12-14
Adapting to Changing Trends 15-17
Conclusion: Solving the Conundrum - Finding the Right ITSP 18-25
Demographics 26-27
About Attenda 28-29
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