White Paper: Scaling SaaS Delivery for Long-Term Success

This whitepaper discusses these imperatives and provides THINKstrategies’ recommendations for SaaS executives looking for the best service delivery alternatives to capitalize on today’s market opportunities.

Executive Overview

Adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions is accelerating. Every software industry survey and market forecast says so. This is because SaaS applications are almost always more flexible, versatile and cost-effective than traditional on-premises solutions.

This trend represents a great opportunity for established SaaS companies to expand their customer base. But it also presents challenges for SaaS providers seeking to gain a competitive advantage and to build sustainable businesses over the long haul.

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) resources make it easier and more economical for companies to launch SaaS businesses. They eliminate many service delivery and software development barriers to entry. This, in turn, has opened the door to a proliferation of players vying for market share.

This “Cloud Rush” affect is commoditizing many segments of the SaaS marketplace. Competitors are often willing to undercut each other on price to win over customers. At the same time, SaaS has made it much easier for customers to switch solutions if they experience availability or performance issues.

Savvy SaaS executives recognize that their service delivery requirements increase as their business grows and the demands of their customers expand. Many leading SaaS companies leverage a combination of public and private cloud resources to meet the varying needs of their growing customer base.

THINKstrategies believes it is critical for SaaS companies to team with leading data center providers that offer multi-cloud capabilities to meet their mission-critical service delivery needs. In particular, they should partner with providers that offer a variety of public cloud and hosted service alternatives on a global scale to ensure the availability and performance of their SaaS solutions.

This whitepaper discusses these imperatives and provides THINKstrategies’ recommendations for SaaS executives looking for the best service delivery alternatives to capitalize on today’s market opportunities.

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