When is Dedicated Infrastructure Not Dedicated?

When is Dedicated Infrastructure Not Dedicated?

Is your Dedicated Server actually a Dedicated Server? How do you know that you don't have a Virtual Machine instead? Check out the PDF document below to read our full guide on how you can check that your Dedicated Server is a physical machine and not a VM.


Remember that bit in Matilda where Danny Devito sells the piece-of-junk cars as good as new? 

Yes, it might be a clever scam in a charming children’s film but let’s be honest: we would be horrified to find out we’d paid for something in good faith only to find out we’re not getting exactly what we thought.

Take Dedicated Servers, for instance; you order something advertised online as a Dedicated Server, and expect you are paying for a physical racked server in the datacentre of your choice. But what if you’re actually only getting a virtual server described to sound like a DS?

This can make a vast amount of difference in the activity of your trading operations, as virtual servers have a limited access to a shared pool of resources at the same time, whereas Dedicated Server resources are yours and only yours. For example, on an NFP date, you don’t want “Noisy Neighbours” all clamouring to access the same resources and significantly slowing your operations. This is why it is imperative to check that your DS is definitely a physical server.

How can you ensure you’re getting the DS that you paid for?

We’ve come up with a few key indicators that anyone can use to check if their server is in fact a Virtual Machine. Download the PDF below to find out more.

At Beeks, we offer Virtual Machines as Virtual Private Servers, and we also offer Bare Metal Dedicated Servers – clearly distinguishing the Virtual (the VPS) from the Physical (DS).

We are not resellers either; all of our infrastructure is owned and managed by Beeks. If you call one of our engineers, this is the person who is actually handling your machine. We operate and oversee everything ourselves.

When you order a Dedicated Server with anyone, make sure you check these indicators so that you can be positive you’re getting what you pay for. Don’t get Devito-ed.

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