When is a Cloud not a Cloud?

When is a Cloud not a Cloud?

When is a Cloud not a Cloud?

Is your service provider positioning dedicated servers as a cloud?  What is a cloud really anyway? Is it as simple as the delivery of hosted services over the internet? A “Common, Location-independent, Online, Utility that is available on-Demand” or is it more?

  • At an IT level, the cloud is IaaS “infrastructure as a service” System administrators obtain general processing, storage, database management, other resources and applications through the network and pay only for what gets used.
  • At a developer level, the cloud is PaaS or “Platform as a Service”,  Developers can design, build, and test applications that run on the cloud provider’s infrastructure and then deliver those applications to end-users from the provider’s servers.
  • At a user level, as the cloud is SaaS “software as a service”, Companies host applications in the cloud that many users access through Internet connections. The service being sold or offered is a complete end-user application.

Does a dedicated server, therefore, fall under this term? one of the hallmarks of cloud computing is that it enables users to interact with systems, data, and each other in a manner “that minimizes the necessary interaction with the underlying layers of the technology stack” not something that we believe a dedicated server fulfills… At Redcello while we don’t offer single dedicated servers, as we believe they are inflexible, are poorly utilised, take longer to implement and scale, lack resilience, and greatly impact operational efficiency. 

Therefore if your business and applications have strict governance/controls around security, and want to get a competitive advantage through agile business operations while getting the most out of its infrastructure assets for the lowest cost of ownership, then why are you being told that virtual machines are inferior to dedicated systems?  Yes, multitenant shared infrastructure clouds do include a degree of resource sharing, but again in these environments, many controls are in place to ensure Quality of Service and SLA’s are achieved. Where this is still not enough for your critical business infrastructure though, the natural evolution from multitenant environments in the Iaas / PaaS / SaaS services space, is to dedicated private cloud infrastructure services, custom configured to your needs.

Dedicated Private Cloud is the evolution of this dedicated hosting model, supporting the wider needs of business when it comes to high uptime SLA’s, broader more flexible business operations, deeper more holistic security monitoring, coupled with data protection business continuance and network interconnection needs, so larger scale operations can benefit from the advancements virtualisation and software-defined everything brings, while still keep close to the heart of the data exchange.

Redcello says, have no problematic neighbours in a dedicated cloud, just your own highly secured, execution venue, that delivers dependable uptime, enterprise-class functionality, optimised hardware utilisation, in strategically located execution venues around the world.  Have access to markets and data and service that with dedicated resource pools of low latency high performance Networks, CPU, Memory and Data Storage, all dedicated to you, adjustable at the click of a mouse, with integrated monitoring systems and services, that can orchestrate and automate the delivery of business outcomes to your chosen requirements and SLA.

As more industries and businesses are moving to the cloud, be sure you understand what this term means to you and your potential service provider, and don’t limit yourself to a highly dependent model that handicaps your business operations and competitive advantage. 

Call us, we can explain how to disrupt cloud thinking and give you the competitive advantage you need.

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