The Great Firewall of China and the Golden Shield Project are set to become even more obstructive. A twelve-month project to tighten up the country’s Internet borders is now underway by the authorities.

Despite proclamations by the Chinese President that the country is open for business, new Internet restrictions suggest otherwise.

Having previously survived a crackdown in March 2016, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), the most popular method of avoiding government restrictions and surveillance, are once again under threat.

This resurgence of Internet protectionism promises to affect financial organizations across the country as well as international traders connecting to Chinese exchanges and brokers.

Over the years, Chinese brokerages and international firms remotely trading in China have invested heavily in their connectivity only to be plagued by poor latencies and unsatisfactory performance.

That said, even with these disruptions in mind, China remains a lucrative trading location for many and shouldn’t be avoided simply because international openness has taken a backseat.


  • What will Chinese connectivity be like over the coming months?
  • Will government restrictions tighten further?
  • How can I improve network performance?

For businesses with an established customer base in China, keeping abreast with regulatory changes is crucial.

For example, how does the recent announcement from the Cyberspace Administration of China affect hosting within the country? Does this new clampdown on mobile marketplaces affect companies offering applications for trading on the move?

For brokerages working on the London Metal Exchange and the Shanghai Futures Exchange, another example is pre-empting market events such as the annual slowdown that occurs around Chinese New Year.

Trading volumes drop as Chinese investors go on holiday and then inevitably spike again when they return. Can your network cope with and anticipate such changes without impacting your business?

Our mission is to keep you informed so you can focus on what’s important – maximizing the opportunities a country with 700 million Internet users offers. Read the full post to find out how >>

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