WAN Optimization & CDN Provider Aryaka Carves Out A Niche

Aryaka Networks recently launched a new CDN in the market that is purpose built for B2B enterprise content delivery, something a bit different than what most CDNs are offering today.

Aryaka Networks recently launched a new CDN in the market that is purpose built for B2B enterprise content delivery, something a bit different than what most CDNs are offering today. Those who track the CDN market have probably never heard of Aryaka before because the company focuses on cloud based WAN solutions that have been deployed across 3000 customer sites in 280 cities and 48 countries. Their value proposition is an enterprise grade private core network with a built-in proprietary software stack for WAN optimization and application acceleration.

Aryaka’s founder and CEO, Ajit Gupta earlier founded Speedera Networks, which was acquired by Akamai for $130M in 2005. Aryaka brings together an integrated optimization platform for all applications, both, inside and outside the firewall with best practices from WAN Optimization and CDN to introduce a content and application acceleration solution on a private network. A CDN purpose built for the enterprise, which aims to be disruptive in the market.

As websites have become increasingly personalized and interactive, the percentage of dynamic content on the web continues to grow and replace static content as the predominant form of content on the web. In parallel, the push for applications into the cloud is becoming real. Enterprises are putting a web front end on CRM and ERP applications to make them easier to use from any browser worldwide. Providing acceptable user experience to these applications is critical to enhancing brand reputation and sales conversion capabilities.

Traditional CDNs from the late 1990s were built for a read-only web where they delivered faster load times by caching static content closer to the end users. Today, most traditional CDN vendors continue to serve static content along with streaming video while a handful have successfully expanded their products to offer dynamic site acceleration services through middle mile improvement with TCP optimization, intelligent routing, connection management, SSL acceleration and dynamic compression. These solutions are built over the public internet and congestion, packet loss, latency and jitter are common on intercontinental Internet links.

Aryaka says the global cache eviction policy of these CDN vendors dictates that B2B enterprise content suffers heavily as it competes with cache space that is monopolized by large content providers/aggregators whose content is more frequently accessed because of its popularity. This means that with many traditional CDNs, B2B enterprises don’t get the same level of value as content providers with popular content would get, which is why Aryaka is focusing on B2B enterprise content delivery with their new offering.

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Aryaka’s Networks for the New Enterprise integrates the benefits of WAN optimization, application delivery and cloud access with reliable, secure and dedicated connectivity into a single intelligent network, eliminating the need for hardware and dedicated links that take months to provision – providing an optimized enterprise grade network that is setup and ready to go in minutes.