Top Trends from IBC 2017 - Ooyala

Top Trends from IBC 2017 - Ooyala

“The disruption… started with a model where the consumer always had the power. We’re on the way back to that model. This is more natural in the industry.”

At this year’s IBC, Google took over the spot in Hall 14 that in the past was home to OVP QuickPlay; Facebook came to the show, on the heels of its announcement of its intention to spend a boatload of money on content. IBM — with Watson at its core — made its first appearance at the show, promising deep data for content.

Notice a trend? Streaming content was the bread and butter of this year’s party in Amsterdam, topped with a big dollop of data.

Live continued to gain momentum and quickly is becoming table stakes for OTT providers and content owners. Case in point: OTT pay-per-view sales pushed the gate for the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor to record levels around the globe. A variety of tech players, meanwhile, leaked plans to land high-stakes deals for rights to a variety of live sporting events.

Increasingly obvious is the desire of content owners to create direct-to-consumer (D2C) OTT services, not as a hedge against eroding profits from traditional delivery, but as a central pillar to next-gen strategies that look to gain maximum value from their crown jewels: original content.

A year ago, one focus at IBC was improving user experience through better user interfaces. At this year’s event the talk of remotes and better discovery through re-imagined grids and guides took a back seat to the increasing sophistication of voice-activated personal assistants. Yes, we’re far more likely to talk to our TV in the future than to scroll through screens of content manually.

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