The Next Generation of Private Cloud

In this report, Datamation® explores how private cloud as a service delivers the best of private and public cloud to enterprises.

With technology trends shifting and an increased focus on data security, the days of cloud computing being the default choice for running an offsite cloud on a provider’s hardware, or building one in your own data center are over.

In This Paper:

  • The 'public versus private' cloud debate is becoming obsolete; enterprises can and should use the cloud technologies most applicable to their needs
  • Private cloud as a service delivers the best of private and public cloud to enterprises
  • Hosted private cloud solutions, particularly those powered by OpenStack, can be as easy to use as public cloud

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Blue Box has developed Hosted Private Cloud technology perfectly suited to help bring Middle Market enterprises into the cloud.  For customers ready to make the leap into cloud services, Blue Box’s OpenStack On Demand offering delivers the power of cloud services with the security and control IT managers demand.  And for customers with existing data center deployments, OpenStack On Demand enables a direct, cross-connected private cloud integrated into your existing facility.
Jesse Proudman
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