White Paper: “The New Competitive Advantage” - Strategic CFOs Embrace the Cloud

This Oracle FSN white paper provides CFOs with a strategic playbook on how to leverage the cloud to drive greater agility in response to economic and competitive change, and more flexibility and choice in how you deploy and manage enterprise applications.

The Cloud computing ‘ecosystem’ is developing rapidly, spurred on by the widespread availability of inexpensive hardware, improved communications infrastructure, the rapid uptake of mobile devices and a broad spectrum of business applications and deployment options. Most companies have either ‘dipped their toes in the water’ or are actively considering the benefits of the Cloud.

The initial advantages of the Cloud, such as the ability to cede responsibility for overseeing, managing, operating and supporting the computing environment are well understood by CFOs, but as the Cloud matures, businesses are looking for more enduring benefits. Chief among these is the positive impact that the Cloud can have on a business’s ability to respond to change. The Cloud offers the prospect of more malleable processes coupled with scalability, flexibility and agility in the face of constant economic, political and regulatory uncertainty.

But not all organizations are persuaded that the Cloud is the best way forward. Despite the market hype, only a third of organizations report significant cost savings from venturing into the Cloud and others have reservations about the quality of software vendors and the creation of processing silos. Garnering internal support can be a struggle and doubts still surface about visibility and control of applications.

However, perceptions are changing and early concerns about the security and confidentiality of data are abating. As a result many companies are assessing Cloud options in parallel with traditional upgrades of on-premise solutions. But they are wary of the integration issues between Cloud and on-premise solutions and do not want to be locked into a particular approach, say, a niche vendor that can only offer deployment in the Cloud with no way back. For many, the flexibility of deployment holds the key to the way forward, i.e. the ability to adopt public, private and hybrid Clouds as desired and to alter the mix when business circumstances dictate. But very few software vendors can hope to offer this range of choice and even fewer can leverage their own hardware and database technology to optimize performance. Oracle has been offering applications in the Cloud for more than 10 years and is one of the few vendors that can comprehensively support the disparate needs of small, medium and large multinational organizations in the Cloud with flexible, modern and secure applications.

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