The Future of OTC Electronic Trading: Balancing Risk, Reward and Regulation

Prospering in today’s financial services industry is about more than just speed.

Prospering In Today’s Financial Services Industry is About More Than Just Speed

It’s about managing complexity — and change. As the OTC market accelerates, data volumes will increase — and will add to the number of end points. The increasing number of end points results from a proliferation of competing venues, as well as competition among central clearing providers (CCPs), specialized trade processing providers, and platform providers. 

All the requirements to manage, process, and store this data means a much more extensive and complex ecosystem. By locating key infrastructure in strategic hubs with rich ecosystems, connections are made quickly and efficiently, thereby removing friction and risk and offering the potential for greater rewards. 

Equinix has the strategic hubs that provide agility to address the complexity required for OTC, along with a growing ecosystem that helps bridge connections.

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