The Future of Digital Advertising in Asia Pacific

Marketers are paying serious attention to digital because of its increased penetration and usage across Asia-Pacific.

Digital advertising has been around for almost two decades and the industry has weathered a couple of boom-bust cycles. Digital advertising has gained momentum over the last 3 to 5 years and it is now posing a serious challenge to analog media vehicles. Marketers are paying serious attention to digital because of its increased penetration and usage across Asia-Pacific. Additionally marketers are searching for more efficient media alternatives as analog media costs are escalating and fragmentation is a real challenge.

In order to understand the future of digital advertising, Equinix partnered with Convergination to understand the current state of digital advertising, growth projections, key challenges, emergence of opportunities and importance of technology infrastructure in Asia-Pacific through proprietary research that included qualitative interviews with leading experts and quantitative surveys amongst industry professionals during August to November 2013 period. This whitepaper is a point of view based on insights and research data.

Table of contents

Introduction 1
State of digital advertising 2
Emerging opportunities 4
Programmatic buying 4
Audience targeting 5
Performance optimization 7
Key challenges for the ecosystem 8
Role of technology infrastructure 9
Future growth drivers 11
Summary 13

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