Technology Viewpoint: Expanding Horizons in The Insurance Sector

The insurance sector is looking to new markets for growth and James Maudslay of Equinix says technology will have a major role to play in enabling the success in those new territories. 

Insurance - a word that brings to mind a variety of thoughts spanning issues like trust, security, tradition or protection alongisde place names such as London or New York, Munich or Zurich and markets such as Europe, the USA, Japan or Australia. Old, historic - perhaps stable or more rudely, backward - are these all areas that might cross someone's mind when the great industry names such as Lloyd's or the Swiss or Munich Re are mentioned?

Yet today this market is changing - it needs to become less traditional and more new and it needs to look beyond its familiar boundaries for new markets and new customers - in short it's looking for growth.

One of the potential areas for growth takes us to the UAE, to Dubai, where recently the newly formed Islamic Insurance Association of London (IIAL) held its inaugral gathering in the offices of the Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) attended by some 100 practitioners from London and the UAE.

We were there to learn how London can provide support to the local market to help that market develop, but of course to bring resulting business back to London. But where does the local market find itself today?

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