State of the Global Enterprise WAN 2014

A data-driven look at the obstacles preventing enterprise-class application performance over the worldwide WAN.

Today’s global enterprise must grant access to critical applications to employees, contractors, partners, and suppliers, any of which can be located anywhere in the world- on premise or in the cloud. Is the new global WAN up to that challenge?

Download our inaugural report to learn about:

  • How the rise of cloud computing will challenge the global WAN
  • How distributed, global enterprises benefit from accelerated cloud access
  • The regions with the best and worst last-mile enterprise broadband links
  • The impact of globalization on the WAN
  • The growing dominance of HTTP traffic
  • Which protocols are the most amenable to bandwidth scaling techniques
  • The continued importance of certain types of Microsoft-based traffic
  • How multi-segment architectures overcome network problems

…and more

Based on anonymized data collected from hundreds of global sites, this report provides a unique look at the state of the Global Enterprise WAN.


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