Speaker Spotlight: Global Capacity’s Brandon Pemberton Talks Cloud Connectivity

The IT organization as we know it is changing, with more businesses fostering a Cloud-first strategy and moving their mission-critical IT assets off premise to third-party data centers and colocation facilities.

The IT organization as we know it is changing, with more businesses fostering a Cloud-first strategy and moving their mission-critical IT assets off premise to third-party data centers and colocation facilities. Research from IDC indicates that more than 65% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to hybrid cloud technologies before 2016, vastly driving the rate and pace of change in IT organizations. This momentum will continue to mount in 2017, when 60% of the data center-based IT assets that companies rely on to conduct business and deliver services will be in colocation, hosting and cloud data centers according to IDC.

I caught up with our own Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Brandon Pemberton, shortly after he returned from this year’s Fall’s COMPTEL PLUS where he presented a session titled, “Simplifying Cloud Connectivity for Enterprises and SMBs.” Brandon shared some of his top takeaways and key messages from the event with me.

“This Cloud session was a great opportunity for the very smart hardware venders and service provider operators in attendance to learn from each other’s experiences,” noted Brandon. “It was rewarding to facilitate the conversation while brining awareness of how a network of networks like Global Capacity’s One Marketplace is solving these challenges. It got heads nodding.”

During his presentation, Brandon noted, that many software companies like Microsoft and Oracle moved to the cloud to address their growing outdated products on outdated servers on customer premises. Software providers were challenged to improve the customer experience and performance and in the cloud they could control it all -- hardware and software -- for the best performance and experience. The new challenge and what they could not control was the connectivity,

50% of the audience sells cloud services and of those half shared that they experienced network issues after the service delivery. From another perspective, google “top considerations for cloud service” and you will note that it take about 3 pages to see connectivity mentioned. Now google “top issues for cloud service” and you will see a different story with as much as 80% of the results pointing to network. “It is compelling,” notes Brandon, “Network connectivity is often forgotten in the solution but it is the key part that brings it all together for the business user.”

“The public Internet, which until recently was the predominant method to connect to Cloud application services, does not have the performance required for the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) computing, storage and business-critical applications used by enterprises today,” Brandon shares. “Greater security, network performance, data governance and compliance concerns are driving SMBs and enterprise organizations to look for private, dedicated Cloud connectivity options instead of private IP. However, this can be a challenge in today’s highly fragmented and complex data connectivity market, where no one service provider owns networks everywhere.”

Brandon identified that many are unaware that the last-mile mile of network services, the segment now critical in connecting the business users to the business applications, accounts for 82% of all downtime-related activity, 68% of overall network cost and 99% of complexity found in the network market today. These are big numbers impacting what is often the last part of a computing solution considered – connectivity.

At the center of the Cloud connectivity discussion is Global Capacity’s One Marketplace™which simplifies business connectivity to Cloud destinations with end-to-end execution. One Marketplace combines an interconnected, aggregated data network with cloud-based applications that automate the design, pricing, delivery and maintenance of network connectivity. The platform provides visibility into service pricing and performance, connecting 9.6 million U.S. business locations - including mid to large enterprise sites. Businesses can also normalize last-mile delivery and enable greater scale leveraging local One Marketplace Points of Presence (PoPs).

Click here to view the COMPTEL PLUS presentation, “Simplifying Cloud Connectivity for Enterprises and SMBs” by Brandon Pemberton, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Global Capacity.

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