White Paper: Security Benefits of Outsourcing your DNS

Organizations using in house DNS infrastructures will spend thousands on expensive firewalls to protect their servers. However what most don't realize is no matter how large the firewall is, if their incoming connections into their network aren't large enough, then Game Over...

DDoS attacks are rapidly growing in magnitude and frequency every year. Just in the last year, attack rates have risen 132% (Q2 2015 State of the Internet). The majority of these attacks are targeting in-house DNS networks which are housed on only one server, or a few servers at one location.

Administrators and business owners are more readily making the switch to outsourced DNS providers as they host these services on larger and more secure infrastructures. By using enterprise networks, companies don't have to waste money on overpriced routers or firewalls that still can't handle today's attacks. Rather, they can pass the buck onto a enterprise provider like DNS Made Easy with proof of reliability and expertise in DNS hosting service.

To find out more, download our new White Paper detailing the security advantages of using an IP Anycast+ provider such as DNS Made Easy, and explore how we engineered our network to ensure 100% uptime.

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