SDN Transforms Mission-Critical Financial Services Networks

Today's trading technology challenges are clear: with mission-critical requirements, widely varying traffic patterns and fierce competition in the financial services sector, solutions must be adequately agile, scalable, fluid and non-cost prohibitive.. Enter: the Lucera SDN.

Mission-critical financial systems have evolved substantially in recent years, and the demands for both agility and performance have superseded the capabilities of traditional network architectures. To maintain leadership in this highly competitive sector, Lucera has built a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) enabled by Intel® architecture.

This cloud-based, high-performance network infrastructure accommodates high-frequency trading, liquidity matching, and foreign exchange, capitalizing on the agility and flexibility of software-defined networking (SDN). With the steady performance advances assured from Moore’s Law, Lucera is able to keep up with the ever-increasing bandwidth and latency needs of its trading customers.

As a result, Lucera® Connect™, an on-demand infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform, maintains an edge in a market sector that values performance as much as Formula One racing buffs do.

Lucera originally evolved from a high frequency team that was increasingly unhappy with the existing FX electronic trading process. Inconsistent fill rates and latency issues led to a craving for an entirely better system. So, we created it.