Safeguard Enterprise Data from Ransomware

Safeguard Enterprise Data from Ransomware

Lyve Cloud offers a safe and efficient S3 object storage target to support your anti-ransomware strategies.

Cyberattacks are on the rise, commonly targeting and encrypting enterprise data for monetary reward. These attacks can halt business operations, expose private information, and injure the well-being of victims. Many businesses attempt to restore operations from their backups if they have them but struggle to recover quickly. This process is both time consuming and expensive, leaving businesses to choose between paying the cyber criminals or losing their data. Either way, they still must pay the cost of recovering operations and accept lost business. To prevent these attacks, data must be safeguarded from end to end with a trusted backup solution.

Proactive detection and secure backups are the solution to protecting enterprise data from ransomware attacks. Lyve™ Cloud S3 object storage provides enterprises with a secure, flexible, and cost-efficient backup storage target. Security features such as object immutability safeguard data backups from manipulation or deletion while enabling fast retrieval and cloud-based disaster recovery. Designed for compatibility with a variety of applications, Lyve Cloud storage as a service is simple to use with the backup management tools of your choice.

Read our solution brief to learn more how Lyve Cloud protects against ransomware.

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