Quantitative Investment Firm Partners with FlexTrade on High Performance OEMS

Quantitative Investment Firm Partners with FlexTrade on High Performance OEMS

New case study by FlexTrade discusses how Quantopian utilized the FlexONE OEMS to automate its order management and streamline its its middle office workflows, while providing customization on the execution side and achieving low latency for pre-trade compliance in the investment process.

The field of quantitative investing has exploded in recent years as more tools to code algorithmic strategies have burst onto the playing field.

Seeking to level that playing field, Quantopian is known for its online platform that allows aspiring quants to build their own algorithms. To monetize the free educational platform it provides to quants, Quantopian has launched an asset management

In April of 2017, Quantopian deployed FlexONE™, an order and execution management platform developed by FlexTrade Systems for the buy side. Quantopian was looking to automate its order management and streamline its middle office workflows.

“When we looked to enter the asset management business, we needed to implement an institutional-trade asset management platform. We chose to do so by partnering with FlexTrade and integrating its order management and execution management system with downstream applications such as Advent Geneva and service providers such as SS&C GlobeOp,” said Marc Volpe, Chief Financial Officer, Quantopian.

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