PrimeXM unveils its FX hosting statistics for 2017 and showcases 203% growth

PrimeXM unveils its FX hosting statistics for 2017 and showcases 203% growth

Aiming to provide insight to its ever-growing fx hosting service, PrimeXM, the cutting-edge technology provider renowned for its powerful aggregation and order management engine and its ultra-low latency connectivity solutions, has just released its key hosting statistics for 2017.

The statistics demonstrate that the company is rapidly expanding its end-to-end solution and is becoming one of the few participants in the forex industry equipped to address the core issues of the changing financial landscape.

The statistics released by PrimeXM demonstrate a staggering 203% growth in the number of broker clients that the company onboarded in 2017 compared to 2016. Additionally, with 55% of PrimeXM’s hosted clients choosing Equinix LD4, the London hub rightfully claims the coveted title of the most popular hosting location for ultra-low latency. What is also evident from these numbers is that the vast majority of PrimeXM’s broker clients continue to stream liquidity from London.

PrimeXM’s broker clients continue to place their trust with the MetaTrader platforms, although other platforms are gradually gaining traction. 88% of the company’s hosted clients choose MT4 and MT5 as their primary hosted platforms, while the remaining 12% of clients host other platforms.

Furthermore, the company reveals that it provides microsecond access to more than 300 liquidity sources, including tier-1 banks, ECNs, exchanges and other XCore liquidity sources. Security also remains crucial for PrimeXM who operates one of the most powerful DDoS mitigation mechanisms in the industry. As the company reports, during 2017, PrimeXM mitigated 100% of DDoS attacks, a statistic that is awe-striking considering the number of businesses that have suffered from the destructive effects of DDoS attacks on their service.

Additionally, PrimeXM’s statistics confirm that their clients can benefit from the 250 cross-connects which they offer globally. Cross-connects are considered to be the industry’s leading latency efficient solution and help minimise latency within PrimeXM’s data centres in London, New York and Tokyo.

The release of these statistics by PrimeXM build anticipation for what the cutting-edge technology provider can achieve within 2018, while they also demonstrate how powerful the hosting side of its offering is.

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