Prepare for these Data Management Challenges in the Multi-Cloud Ecosystem

Prepare for these Data Management Challenges in the Multi-Cloud Ecosystem

With continuing technological advances, data is being generated and growing exponentially. Yet, many enterprises are unable to realize their data’s full potential and continue to struggle with managing it.

Enterprises are storing data across the Edge, and public, private, and industry clouds. A survey conducted by IDC found that more data will continue to shift to cloud repositories, with Gartner reporting that 81% of them use the public cloud with at least two different providers, further adding to the complexity of managing data.

The shift to a multicloud ecosystem along with data sprawl creates a challenge for IT departments to extract full value from their data, missing out on new opportunities and potential revenue. Seagate identifies the following as top barriers to data management:

  • Making collected data usable (39%)
  • Managing the storage of collected data (37%)
  • Ensuring the collection of needed data (36%)
  • Securing collected data (35%)
  • Breaking data silos (30%)

To prepare for these challenges, companies need to have better data orchestration from endpoints to core to cloud and adopting a DataOps model.

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