Premium remote meeting solution, LoopUp, improves connectivity with BSO

Premium remote meeting solution, LoopUp, improves connectivity with BSO

LoopUp calls on BSO! Premium remote meeting solution chooses BSO to provide connectivity for their clients to communicate globally with minimum downtime.

When it comes to day-to-day business meetings, they cannot always happen face to face. So, when users do connect for these important business calls, it’s absolutely crucial that the tools they use do not fail.

Remote meetings platform, LoopUp, has built its entire system with this in mind – including their choice of network provider.

The tool is designed to guide users through an intuitive and secure experience, helping them collaborate with confidence that they know who is on the line, and who is speaking, throughout their call. No training needed.

Integrating with tools that business users engage with every day such as Outlook, and focusing on bringing high-quality audio and visual context to every meeting, is at the heart of LoopUp’s approach to the industry. LoopUp provides users with the quality, security and reliability that businesses require to conduct their important, daily conference calls, and is designed to keep them simple and productive, avoiding many of the frustrations that exist with other web conferencing tools.

LoopUp has more than 2000 customers worldwide, including the likes of National Geographic and KIA, and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.


Since its inception, LoopUp has been striving to move organisations away from dial-in conference calls, towards more productive and streamlined remote meetings. Showing businesses that they don’t need to tolerate the common frustrations of dial-in, such as lack of visibility into who’s on the line and who’s speaking, background noise, and other distractions.

With an impressive client roster, such as Planet Hollywood and Subaru, LoopUp has to ensure that clients’ calls can run without interruption or disruption. It’s vital that LoopUp has a resilient network that can support the service and provide the best possible connectivity and the highest availability. LoopUp’s Director of Customer Success, Andrew Bunyan commented:

“If the network goes down, so do the conference calls. It’s simply not acceptable for this to happen when our customers choose to use our service for a reliable, hassle-free solution to remote meetings. We are looking to delight our customers at every step of the process, this includes the aspects they may never encounter behind the scenes – such as the network these connections are built upon.”

LoopUp knew it needed a network provider that delivered predictable latency and reliable uptime so that it could offer uninterrupted communication to customers. Other considerations included a global footprint to support its international client base, a responsive and expert team as well as protected paths enabling fast backup route switchover in case of any fibre cuts.


As part of a network restructure, LoopUp was looking to connect multi-site bridging into LoopUp’s global network operations to enhance international voice quality. To do so, they needed to find a service provider that could deliver low-latency, fully redundant circuits in a number of locations across the world and maintain constant and reliable uptime. The network partner had to be able to prove that it could provide:

  • Unrivalled service –offering a resilient service without network restrictions
  • Global footprint – the ability to connect LoopUp’s customers’ calls across different regions around the world
  • 99% availability – guaranteeing uptime with strict SLAs so that calls can always go ahead
  • Expert engineers – a highly knowledgeable and responsive support team 24/7/365
  • Room for growth – the capacity and capability to adapt so that LoopUp could roll out new services


LoopUp’s pursuit for a new network provider soon led them to BSO. Bunyan also noted:

“While the technical side of our network requirements were fundamentally important, we wanted a team of experts that actually cared – we didn’t want to feel like we were just being sold a product. We were tired of struggling to get hold of our previous provider and wanted a team that truly understood our exact needs. When we came to BSO and evaluated the offering, we realised that they not only met our technical needs, but also shared the same values as us as a business.”

Following the selection, BSO began the task of delivering a highly reliable, low latency connectivity solution via its global Ethernet backbone that included:

  • Integration of diverse, protected point-to-point Layer 2 Ethernet Private Lines, which provides capacity on multiple submarine cable systems around the world
  • Predictable latency, low jitter and fast switchover on protected paths in case of any fibre cuts
  • Follow-the-sun 24/7/365 technical support

“Now more than ever, it’s crucial to maintain our reputation as a reliable and secure solution for businesses. We serve the likes of major law firms and financial organisations, and if security is breached when discussing highly sensitive issues, or downtime is experienced at the moment where the details of a major deal are being discussed, their reputation can be quickly tarnished. In order to continue to support our customer base, and grow further, BSO ticks all of the boxes when it comes to ensuring both security and uptime.”

Emmanuel Pellé, Chief Operating Officer at BSO added:

“With our award-winning Global Ethernet network underpinning their platform, LoopUp can be fully confident that they have the most resilient low-latency solution available on the market. Highly stable, low-jitter circuits and dynamic protection on all lines ensures LoopUp’s customers benefit from constant up-time, key to LoopUp’s enhanced user experience. The combination of our services was a natural fit.”


LoopUp is now able to mix its audio locally for customers on a global scale, knowing that uptime is maintained and users are impressed with the service. Word-of-mouth has resulted in new customers as a result of the well renowned and trusted service.

While expanding services to larger groups and more customers, LoopUp hasn’t had to worry about downtime due to the reliability of BSO’s service. Instead, the team is able to focus on expanding the remote meeting solution even further.

This has led to the rollout of new technologies and architectures extremely quickly, with improved speed and reliability as a direct result of BSO’s support. Moving forward, further expansion into new regions can be more easily achieved with BSO’s global presence and follow-the-sun 24/7/365 technical support.

BSO is the award-winning Ethernet network, cloud and hosting provider of choice for global businesses wanting superior technology infrastructure and connectivity to the world’s most dynamic marketplaces.
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