Pandora Case Study

For Internet radio station Pandora, streaming audio to millions of users takes a fast and reliable network. See how NTT Communications’ 10G Ethernet service enables Pandora to provide an excellent experience to all of its listeners.

Internet radio station Pandora has a demanding audience, some 20 million strong. When listeners visit or download the Pandora application to their mobile phone, they primarily want one thing – to hear music they like. To ensure its audience is never disappointed, Pandora has to be similarly demanding of the carriers that provide it with Internet bandwidth.

And demanding it is. The network over which Pandora delivers its radio service is a model of performance and reliability, with redundant 10G Ethernet connections to a pair of carriers. Pandora insists its carriers deliver Internet connections with diverse routes to protect itself in case of a circuit outage. It even has specific router requirements for its chosen providers. 

“The central charge we have is the quality of the listening experience for all of our listeners,” says Steve Ginsberg, Director of Technical Operations for Pandora. “While price is an important part of how we choose a carrier, the more important part is that we maintain that listener experience."

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