Optimize Communication ROI with SIP Trunking

In this edition of our blog, we will further elaborate on SIP Trunking and how it can be effectively utilized to benefit enterprises no matter where they are in the IP migration process.

By Gina Nomellini

In the December 2012 issue of the One Source Networks newsletter we profiled how enterprises can maximize the value of their PBX investment as they make the transition to IP in “PBX: From Analog to IP to Cloud.” In the article, we focused on some of the unique benefits of Cloud PBXs and provided a brief glimpse of SIP Trunking. In this edition of our blog, we will further elaborate on SIP Trunking and how it can be effectively utilized to benefit enterprises no matter where they are in the IP migration process.

SIP Trunking allows you to replace PSTN connectivity with a single IP connection to deliver all of your voice services (including HD voice) as well as email, SMS, fax and videoconferencing, providing higher infrastructure value through convergence and more innovative capabilities. For those with on-site IP PBXs, you can lower CAPEX with elimination of the interface between the IP PBX and the PSTN, as well as PRIs. Enterprises using legacy PBXs, can take advantage of SIP Trunking as well, without the need to forklift existing equipment. To implement SIP Trunking, all that is required is an on-site PBX and an enterprise-edge device, such as an Integrated Access Device that understands SIP, which is managed by OSN.

Beyond improvements in efficiency and collaboration, SIP Trunking reduces calling costs and helps you to benefit from more predictable bills with local and long distance usage included in a monthly service charge. In addition, the OSN SIP Trunking solution provides you with toll-free calling to over 125 countries, and reach to over 200 countries with international long distance. Our DID footprint covers 60 countries and 2,700 cities, enabling you establish local numbers versus relying on a toll-free service.

To maximize return on your infrastructure investments, SIP Trunking can also be deployed with OSN’s Cloud PBX, a cost-effective, fully-managed service that provides enhanced features and functionality and lower total cost of ownership versus on-site PBXs. Cloud PBX makes the office virtual by sending calls almost anywhere, enabling employees stay in contact no matter where they are working. The service also enables you to eliminate hardware equipment and maintenance and provides increased service reliability, as no single site outage will impact your functionality.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of our Cloud PBX offering is in the ability to tap into call center capabilities for a fraction of the cost of a traditional call center environment typically used by enterprises with premise-based PBXs. For those enterprises that are not making the full transition to PBX in the cloud, but also require advanced call center features, we offer a hybrid model. From three and four digit dial to network–based IVR that provides efficient routing of calls based on parameters such as time-of-day, or day-of-week, our call center functionality enables you to cost-effectively collaborate across your enterprise. More advanced features include receptionist and supervisor portals which allow agents to communicate in real-time with their managers and other agents about their availability, resulting in greater efficiency in customer care and overall operations. Our monitoring portal enables supervisors to review reports and access real-time information on call center performance to proactively address issues. This combined deep analytic functionality allows you to provide the best service possible for your customers. For customers with premise-based PBXs, we also offer the option of IVR and voicemail backup in the cloud in the event of a PBX failure.

Our SIP Trunking service is built on the commitment of all of our services: to make the complex simple. We do this by providing the efficiency and peace-of-mind of working with one supplier, backed by a single interface to access all your networks and business-critical applications.

To learn more about the benefits that SIP Trunking can deliver for your business, please contact your salesperson or sales@onesourcenetworks.com

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