November 2014 Market Share Report

FIF Market Share report for October 2014 including U.S. Equities, U.S. Equity Options and European Equities Markets. Provided exclusively for Equinix Forum. 

U.S. Equities Market Share

  • Share volumes traded across Tape A, B, and C totaled 117.2 billion shares, a decrease of 34.8% monthly, and a decrease of 0.6% annually.
  • NYSE-listed securities share volume was 63.7 billion shares, a decrease of 32.2% monthly and a decrease of 0.1% annually.
  • Share volume in NASDAQ-listed securities was 33.0 billion shares, a 34.2% monthly decrease and 8.0% annual decrease.

U.S. Equity Options Market Share

  • The top 3 market centers (PHLX, CBOE, NASDAQ) made up 50.9% of the total cleared contracts.
  • The total number of cleared contracts decreased 25.7% monthly to 175.7 million, which is an 8.0% decrease on an annual basis. PHLX cleared 35.3 million contracts this month, which is a 6.3% decrease on a monthly basis.
  • Total premiums in November 2014 were $57 billion, an 8.5% increase from last month. PHLX total premiums increased 115.0% on a monthly basis. On an annual basis, total premiums increased 1.5%.

European Equity Market Share

  • The notional value of the European Equities Market decreased 25.9% monthly to €928.4 billion.
  • BATS CHI-X Europe had the greatest market share, with 21.0% (€194.7 billion) followed by LSE Group and Euronext, which had market shares of 19.6% (€182.2 billion) and 13.2% (€122.9 billion) respectively.


November 2014 FIF Market Share and Market Dynamics Reports
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