Movile - Customer Success Story

Movile - Customer Success Story

Movile´s performance is improved by a 70% reduction in latency, from 12 ms to 5 ms using Equinix and AWS Direct Connect.

Movile is a leading mobile content and commerce platform developer in Latin America. “In partnership with approximately 70 carriers, the company provides services to over 700 million customers. Every month, 50 million people access the company’s services on their mobiles, smartphones and tablets, ranging from games and apps (e.g. iFood, Apontador and PlayKids) to well-rounded solutions integrating m-Commerce and m-Payment transactions,” said Flavio Tooru, Movile’s Infrastructure Manager.

Business Challenge

In a thriving mobile content market, one of the key elements of the company’s success lies in the end user experience. Low-latency and high availability are paramount to render the best experience possible. Another key factor that must be considered to attain consistent performance is neutral connection. Ensuring services are constantly available and stable – even during peak service times – is essential for Movile’s business, which grew 80% in the past 7 years.

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