Meeting the Big Data Challenge: Get Close, Get Connected

This CITO Research white paper explains the big data network challenge and offers solutions to overcome it so that you can derive value faster.

In boardrooms around the world, C-suite executives are clamoring to join the big data party. And for good reason: the value that can be derived from analyzing big data is well known. Cost savings, productivity gains and compelling customer insights are but a few of the benefits of big data in the enterprise.

There is a hidden challenge to analyzing big data, one that is often ignored: the fluid movement of data from one place to another. In order to collect, store and analyze big data, it has to move, and it has to move fast.

When it comes to the movement of big data, there is an important component that can make or break success: the network. This CITO Research white paper explains and offers solutions to overcome the big data network challenge so that you can derive value faster.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 1
Introduction 1
The Untold Story of Big Data 2
Use Cases for Big Data Analytics— Your Network Matters 3
Use Case 1: Moving the Data to the Best Architecture 3
Use Case 2: Collecting Data Across the Internet 4
Use Case 3: Bursting Into the Public Cloud When Data Gets Too Big 5
Use Case 4: Time-Sensitive Big Data Applications 6
Conclusion 7

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