Maximize the Capabilities of Oracle® GoldenGate

Maximize the Capabilities of Oracle® GoldenGate

Oracle one of the best tools we’ve found for real-time data replication from one database to another, including non-Oracle targets

In today’s dynamic hybrid IT environment, it’s critical for companies to replicate data across globally distributed data centers. For example, they may need to replicate their data from on-premises IT to the cloud, or from a specific database to different database targets, or vice versa. These are the types of workload transactions that we at Equinix are working on within our own colocation data centers to better serve our customers.

One application that we have tested in Equinix IT is Oracle® GoldenGate—a comprehensive software package for real-time data integration and replication in heterogeneous IT environments. It enables high-availability solutions, real-time data integration, transactional change data capture, data replication, transformations and verification between operational and analytical enterprise systems.

Oracle GoldenGate, in conjunction with an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA®) strategy deployed on Platform Equinix™, is one of the best tools we’ve found for real-time data replication from one database to another, including non-Oracle targets. An IOA strategy on Platform Equinix enables you to choose from a wide-range of network providers to create a high-performance, low-latency wide area network (WAN) with proximate connections in more than 48 metro markets around the world. Indeed, this strategy offers the most optimal private path with the lowest latency and highest bandwidth integration across multiple clouds and networks, greatly amplifying the benefits of the tool.

The combined solution allows you to move committed transactions with integrity and minimal overhead within your existing IT infrastructure. It also addresses data sensitivity and sovereignty requirements within a hybrid/multi cloud environment at the edge. Finally, the modular architecture gives you the flexibility to extract and replicate selected data records, transactional changes and changes to data definition language (DDL) specifications across a variety of topologies and in geographies around the world.

An Oracle GoldenGate Primer

Oracle GoldenGate captures transactional data changes from the source database redo log/archive logs, and then loads the changes into its own log file, called a “Trail File,” using a platform-independent universal data format. The extract process understands the schemas and tables from which to capture changes based on the configuration set in the extract parameter file. The data is then read from the source Trail File and moved across the network to the target Trail File using a process called a data pump, which is also driven by a parameter file. Finally, the transactions are loaded into the target database tables using the “Replicat” parameter file configuration, which maps source tables and columns to their target. Over a WAN infrastructure on Platform Equinix, the entire process occurs with sub-second latency and minimal impact to the source and target systems.

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