Market Data Connect: DGCX Dubai to London

The stable, robust route with the lowest reliable latency from London to DGCX (Dubai).

Market Data Connect provides connectivity to the DGCX market from Equinix with BSO Network Solutions.

Equinix’s London LD4 and LD5 data centres are considered the preferred colocation hub for key financial institutions and trading communities based in London. As demand increases for the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX) cross connect, BSO Network Solutions is pleased to announce low-latency cross connect access to the DGCX market from LD4 and LD5.

Key Offerings

› Access to DGCX EOS Platform (primary site), market data feed and FIX gateways

› Fast, reliable and scalable connectivity

› Access from LD5 through ‘campus cross connect’ to the LD4 data centre

› Maximum service uptime through diversified last mile connectivity (BSO’s Metro Ethernet)

› Competitive 12-month service contract


› End to End: 113.5ms RTD › SLA PoP to PoP: 118ms RTD / 140.5ms RTD


› Bandwidth: 2 Mbps

› Payment options: Monthly and one-off annual payments are available. Installation is free of charge

› Contract term: 1 year

› Cross connect at Equinix data centre: as applied by Equinix

› Layer 3 solution

Application Procedure & Lead Time

› The service will be live within four weeks of order placement with BSO Network Solutions.

Please note: Cross connect order will typically take five working days.

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