Managed Security Solutions

E-mail Defense Message Archiving Web Defense: Reduce risk and liability, lower overall IT costs and increase productivity by ensuring online documents are secure.


E-mail Defense

Comprehensive protection against spam, worms, viruses, e-mail attacks and more. Works at the network perimeter to identify, quarantine, block and strip suspect e-mail messages before they can enter the messaging infrastructure. Flexible, easy to use and requires no upfront hardware or software implementation.

Web Defense

Protects customers by blocking web-based threats like spyware, key loggers, viruses and phishing attacks at the network perimeter. Allows category and content- based control over unauthorized Web surfing.

Message Archiving

Allows businesses to store, monitor and retrieve all inbound, outbound and internal e-mails for compliance or general storage/retrieval purposes.


Complete managed service solutions for your network needs. Delivered from an experienced, innovative provider committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations: -Seamless reach, reliability, and performance -Operational excellence -Dedicated customer care -Service evolution and investment protection
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