Low Latency Connectivity in Borsa Istanbul

Low Latency Connectivity in Borsa Istanbul

Connect into Borsa Istanbul: Unique opportunities for financial clients searching for ultra-low latency connectivity to Turkish and APAC markets.

BSO has been a partner of Borsa İstanbul (BIST) for over two years and has an established POP at Borsa İstanbul’s primary data centre.

The exchange’s strategic location linking Western and Eastern trading markets together has seen the exchange rise in prominence across the financial community.

This position is further enhanced by Borsa İstanbul’s accessibility – which brings together all of Turkey’s capital markets in a single location – and its commitment to High-Frequency Trading (HFT) organizations.

BSO’s finance and HFT customers can colocate within the exchange as well as benefit from ultra low-latency connectivity between Istanbul and key financial trading venues including London, Frankfurt, Moscow, New York and Chicago.

Michael Ourabah, CEO at BSO, said, “This presence in Turkey as part of our constantly evolving network enables finance companies to maximize the opportunities available from one of the world’s more recent economic giants.”

Tuncay Dinç, CEO at Borsa İstanbul, said, “With the goal of being a financial center and regional hub for investment, Borsa İstanbul highlights its technology and access services.

Within this perspective, we have launched our colocation facility where we offer the highest possible access speed to a variety of market participants in our primary data centre, including brokerage firms, HFT/Algo trading firms, network providers and ISVs. BSO’s hub in our data center increases our global reach and makes it easier for our global investors to access Borsa İstanbul’s markets.”

BSO and Borsa Ístanbul’s partnership has helped increase trading volume by 52% in 2015, with the Borsa securing an all-time record 90.3 million contracts and foreign investors now accounting for a record 30% of the Borsa’s total trading volume.

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