LASX: Simplifying Exchange Access with One Streamlined LA-NETâ„¢ Connection

Simplify connectivity with LA-net™ – a highly resilient private network purpose built for the capital markets community. 

Simplify connectivity with LA-net™ – a highly resilient private network purpose built for the capital markets community. The redundant LA-net™ backbone provides a dedicated connection to securely route orders to exchanges and leading liquidity venues across the globe. A single LA-net™ connection can additionally offer streamlined access to market data, clearing and other trading services from a range of third party exchanges and service providers.

For expansion into new markets, consolidation of multiple direct connections or as a cost-effective solution for redundancy purposes, LA-net™ offers an easily scalable infrastructure solution.

  • One single, resilient connection for multi-market access
  • Access to over 140 leading Equities, Options, Futures, Fixed Income and FX venues and trading services
  • Streamline multi-vendor support, administration and expenditures
  • Low risk, turn-key direct market access to test a new trading strategy
  • Rapid time to market for expansion to new asset classes and global venues
  • Dedicated network for capital markets that evolves with the regulatory environment
LA-net™ Network
The LA-net Network is a wide area network which provides customers with domestic and international financial markets connectivity from a single LA-net port.

We offer secure connectivity from 200+ Points of Presence (PoPs) across the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe including highly resilient Data Centers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mahwah and Basildon. Firms can provision ports ranging from 100Mb to 10Gb depending on their individual requirements.

The redundant LA-net Network infrastructure provides resiliency through physically diverse links that run on industry leading hardware and management platforms. LA-net achieves true redundancy by operating two geographically diverse networks, managing the network backbones on behalf of clients.

LA-net™ Content Service Providers (CSP)

The LA-net CSP Community offers on-demand access to over 140 global trading destinations for primary or redundant connectivity. No additional infrastructure necessary - just a quick turn-up of new services readily available on a customer’s existing LA-net Network port.

Customers are able to tap into more than 500 data feeds across leading Equities, Options, Futures, Fixed Income, FX venues and more.

Los Angeles Stock Exchange manages the network administration challenges of multiple venue connectivity and offers a flexible, monthly subscription-based fee structure so that customers can easily scale as their trading strategy changes.


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Los Angeles Stock Exchange is the global market data access hub of the South Western United States, dedicated to providing West Coast Traders access to ultra high speed connectivity to global market centers.
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