Whitepaper: Leveraging the Cloud for Enterprise Video Applications

As the corporate enterprise struggles to control costs in uncertain economic times, the use of online video for training, education, and marketing communications can provide new ways to improve employee communications, increase productivity and lower cost at the same time.

Enterprises have a wide range of opportunities to leverage the Cloud for media management depending upon their goals, infrastructure investment, IT philosophy, risk tolerance and economic priorities. Those choices include utilization of the Cloud for compute intensive applications, storage of metadata and proxies, and/or archiving of high resolution essence files. In addition, they can choose to use a privately hosted Cloud through which services could be charged back to individual departments, an external public Cloud with economic benefits, or some hybrid combination of the two – all with a high degree of security, scalability and the ability to foster global collaboration. All of the economic, efficiency and collaborative advantages of the Cloud need to be weighed against the organization’s need for control, bullet proof security, and relative importance of capital investment vs. operating expense. The private and hybrid Cloud deployment options mean that businesses may be able to reap the benefits of both on-premise security and control along with the benefits that the Cloud model offers.

Managing this workflow is the media management software, a key choice for the enterprise, and as such careful consideration must be given to choosing the right solution. Making the right selection of software while leveraging the cloud can provide the organization with the cost effectiveness, scalability and reliability it will need to sustain future growth.

The use of digital media in business will continue to accelerate. The need to keep up with demand for more content, without temporal or spatial boundaries, will continue to put pressure on organizations to keep pace. Comprehensive open media management platforms such as Kaltura can meet that challenge today and in the future. As new technologies, platforms, and media formats develop, open platforms like Kaltura‘s can help enterprises keep pace with the rapidly accelerating changes to this dynamic landscape and meet the employees’ growing appetite for content.

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Kaltura provides the world's first and only Open Source Online Video Platform. Our platform includes industry leading media management applications as well as a framework for developing custom applications. That basically means that Kaltura provides you with flexible video solutions to cover all of your needs both now and in the future.
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