How Hosted Telephony is Improving Customer Communications

Consistency is key to creating a great customer experience and a hosted phone system can help.

Customers love a consistent, positive service experience.

92% of consumers in the UK have switched supplier at least once in the last year because of poor customer service. –NewVoiceMedia.

But how can your telecoms system help support a consistent service delivery?

Give Your Customers Control

Consumers hate voicemail:

75% of purchasers faced with an automated telephone system will not leave a voicemail. 85% of those people never call back.

– Answer-4u research

Many hosted phone systems have an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature.

A tailored IVR is an excellent way to:

  • Allow customers to route their own calls to the correct departments;
  • Offer an alternative to voicemail that provides an automated message offering other contact methods;
  • Reduce waiting times and call queue lengths.

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